April 2022 Chapter Meeting

Join George Bridges (Bridges Consulting, Inc) for a look at Business Data Analytics on Wed, Apr 6 from 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM!

Business Data Analytics combines the discipline of Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Statistics and data science. Business Data Analytics is described as an art and science. The International Institute for Business Analyst (IIBA) defines business data analytics as

"An area of study that targets effective business decision-making as opposed to using the rigorous technical know-hows through which data is analyzed. Several business analyses tools, techniques, and competencies are used in business data analytics to direct analytics initiatives at many touch-points within the life cycle of an analytics initiative."

The purpose of this presentation is to present and explain business data analytics in simple and plain language. To expose the mystery and myths of business data analytics so that it can be applied in any area and any level of business.

This session will cover Seven Tips and Tricks, Seven Trends and Seven Tools and Techniques for the adoption of business data analytics in the modern work place. In addition, you will take away an action plan to help you and your organization compete and excel in the digital economy.

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