April 2023 Chapter Meeting

Essential Skills for Agile Business Analysts //
Presented by: Susan A. Moore, AAC //
Date / Time  April 5, 2023 06:00 Central Time //
Location: Virtual - Free Webinar 

There’s a myth floating around agile organizations: business analysts aren’t needed. This myth is based on the belief that good collaboration will happen naturally when activities and roles that don’t add value are eliminated.

 Good collaboration doesn’t happen organically. It requires a mix of essential skills - communication and leadership - to facilitate productive collaboration.  Read the agile manifesto critically and you’ll find that each of the principles speaks to these essential skills.

So where can these essential skills be found amongst the agile team? In the work of the business analysis professionals. These skills are the collateral they bring to enable collaboration that leads to better outcomes.

Learning Objectives 

  • Soft skills aren’t soft. They are an essential part of the work done by business analysis professionals.
  • The most important soft skills according to the 2022 Global State of Business Analysis survey
  • Interpreting the Agile Manifesto through the lens of those essential skills and busting those myths!
  • How to develop the essential skills that will make you an invaluable part of your agile organization

This talk will provide attendees with an understanding of the essential skills they need to bring to their agile work. More importantly, it will give attendees the confidence to know their value in agile organizations. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to hone your skills, this talk will provide valuable insights and practical tools to help you succeed.

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