Become an IIBA Chicagoland Ambassador!

IIBA Chicagoland Chapter is recruiting individuals willing to serve as Chapter Ambassadors. The Ambassador Program is designed to improve chapter outreach through the recruitment of individuals within companies willing to share IIBA resources with their colleagues.

What can you expect in your role as Chapter Ambassador?

Once each month, you will receive an “Ambassador Update” of items the chapter selects as worthy for distribution. The Ambassador Update would be branded like the chapter newsletter and delivered as a PDF for easy forwarding. The Ambassador Update will include:

  1. Details on the next chapter event
  2. An item selected from the offerings available from the parent organization
  3. Volunteer opportunities within the Chapter
  4. Other news and notes that may be of interest to the Business Analysis community

You may be invited to Ambassador Update calls as frequently as once per month, or may alternatively be contacted by a Chapter Leader. We will be interested in your thoughts on how this information is being received within your organization and how the Ambassador Update may be tailored to maximize the benefit to you and your colleagues.

What does the chapter hope to gain through the Ambassador Program?

Our goal with the Ambassador program is to improve visibility into chapter activities through more formal lines of communication as we become a more influential resource for Chicagoland BAs.  We also hope to learn more about your organization and what is important to you and your colleagues.
The chapter hopes to benefit by:

  1. Raising visibility into chapter events
  2. Expanding our volunteer community through a role with an easily managed commitment
  3. Create an opportunity for chapter – corporation networking that could grow into new meeting locations, sponsorships, or other shared benefit.

How do I become an IIBA Chicagoland Chapter Ambassador?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Chapter Ambassador, please email us at for more information.