June Chapter Meeting

Driving Innovation: Eight Steps to Success

Scott Stribrny, President and Managing Director, Group Atlantic

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Have you ever missed a customer need? One that is not fulfilled by any solution that is now available? The identification of customer needs well enough to drive value and innovation, requires a deep understanding of a customer's experience. Today it seems the only sustainable competitive advantage is for you to know your customers better than your competition.

Successful organizations have an effective process in place to elicit and utilize Voice Of the Customer (VOC) to:
- identify new opportunities
- grow substantial and sustainable revenue
- improve margins

The VOC reveals insights into the customer value chain, and enables the keen observer to identify value gaps and solution opportunities. Increased revenue and margins are the result of new, unique, valuable solutions for your customers uncovered by strategy-aligned VOC. The key to creating an effective VOC program is to systematically ensure that value gaps are prioritized.


This webinar will describe a proven Voice of the Customer (VOC) process that demonstrates important business benefits. It provides a detailed understanding of the customer's requirements, a common language for the organization going forward in the product and/or service development process, and a useful springboard for highly valued innovation. Illustrated through a case study is a 2-stage, 8-step process that results in a coordinated approach to:
- improving the customer experience
- solving challenges, and
- driving growth for your business.