Living the (Agile) Dream: How You Can Bring the Core Values of Agile to Life in your Organization

Join us for our September 4th chapter meeting at Daugherty Business Solutions, 1 Tower Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL  60181;jsessionid=A66EEC7611DFB1669003CA868481DA1F

The Agile Manifesto defines four foundational values that are there to guide us in the creation of high-quality, working software: 

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools 
Working software over comprehensive documentation 
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 
Responding to change over following a plan 

Although simple in concept, the reality of living these principles each day can be more challenging. How should I structure my team? How much documentation do we still need? How do I define and manage scope? What is the role of a BA in the Agile world? We will address these questions and more as we provide you with the tools needed to bring Agile to life on your teams.