November 2020 Chapter Meeting

Join our free webinar on Wed, Nov 4, 6:00-7:45 pm:

This is the Greatest Show! Backlog Management, PT Barnum Style


You run with me and I can cut you free of the drudgery you are stuck in. You can play it sensible, work all conventional, or you can risk it all...

Ah yes, the promise of Agile! No documentation! Faster Delivery! Value delivered every week!

Agile may not be considered the side show or circus approach to solution delivery, but there is still a lot for practitioners to understand. We will take a tour of PT Barnum's world of Humbug and debunk some of the myths of Agile.


In this session, let us tame the beast that is the backlog! Do we need to create epics first? What do we do when everything is important? How to get our rag-tag bunch to work together (and
ensure that the show does go on!)?

You will:
Understand and recognize the backlog humbug & untruths (the myths that surround
the backlog)

Learn tools and techniques that can help make your backlog more manageable

Work your backlog into a three-ring spectacle that communicates goals, context, and
learn to wrangle the performers and ensure everyone is in their place when they are
meant to be there


Jennifer Battan, CSM, CSPO, CBAP
Cofounder & Chief Creativity Officer
Out of the Box BA
LEGO Serious Play Facilitator and Workshop Designer.