October Chapter Meeting

PM and BA in a PMO: Are They Friends or Foes? //
Presented by: Saby Waraich CIO, Clackamas Community College //
October 5, 2022, 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) //
Location: Virtual - Free Webinar 

What are the roles of Project Manager and Business Analyst? Are they friends or foes? Business Analyst has become a critical part of PMO's in the most recent decade, driven by the ascent in complexities of projects, outsourcing, and even the worldwide downturn. Projects are bound to have numerous partners, vagueness around, project features, assets, and stages, or potentially even obscure undertaking highlights, assets, and stages, all of which make necessities elicitation progressively challenging to identify. This session will cover the similarities and differences between the Project Manager and Business Analyst and recommend some strategies to work together to be effective and efficient.

Learning Objectives  

  • Identify the roles of Project Manager and Business Analyst in a PMO
  • Skills required to become an effective PM and BA
  • Case Study of PM and BA in a public sector PMO
  • Skills needed for both PM and BA to work together effectively

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