Wed, Nov 2, 2022
Francisco Pulgar-Vidal, Global Lead, McDonald's Continuous Improvement - McDonald's Team  fkiQuality LLC
The Road To Improvement 
Every project seeks to produce an improvement over the current state of things and many deliver the outcomes that they set out to do, but not all these changes are improvements. How will you know that an outcome that you have delivered is an improvement? And what changes can you make that will result in an improvement? This presentation will help you answer these questions to increase your effectiveness with your stakeholders.

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Past Events

Wed, Oct 5, 2022
6:00PM to 7:45PM CST
Saby Waraich CIO, Clackamas Community College
PM and BA in a PMO: Are They Friends or Foes?
What are the roles of Project Manager and Business Analyst? Are they friends or foes? Business Analyst has become a critical part of PMO's in the most recent decade, driven by the ascent in complexities of projects, outsourcing, and even the worldwide downturn. Projects are bound to have numerous partners, vagueness around, project features, assets, and stages, or potentially even obscure undertaking highlights, assets, and stages, all of which make necessities elicitation progressively challenging to identify. This session will cover the similarities and differences between the Project Manager and Business Analyst and recommend some strategies to work together to be effective and efficient.

Wed, Sep 7, 2022
6:00PM to 7:45PM CST
Michael F. White, The Business Analysis Doctor
The BA Role in Agile Projects
Agile Basics / Agile Frameworks / Agile Team Structure / BA Placement in Agile / How to Define your Role / Agile BA Responsibilities

Wed, Aug 3, 2022 To Be Rescheduled
6:00PM to 7:45PM CST
Scott Stribrny, President and Managing Director, Group Atlantic, Inc. 
Leadership: Cracking the Code for Business Analysis Professionals
Leading projects in a changing world is especially challenging work. Just when you are feeling most pressured and vulnerable, you need to be strongest and most generous in mind and spirit. Indeed, as HBR author John Kotter notes, "More change always requires more leadership." What makes a great leader? This presentation begins to answer this question by presenting a project manager relevant five-rule framework to apply in real life (adapted from the Harvard Business Press book “The Leadership Code” and detailed in a recent series of Cutter Consortium Executive Updates co-authored by the speaker). 

Wed, Jun 1, 2022
6:00PM to 7:45PM CST
Dr. Susan A. Garfield, Group Atlantic
Enhancing Business Effectiveness Through Storytelling
The purpose of this program is for the audience to experience enhancing business effectiveness through storytelling by listening to a narrative and then working through example questions and issues to achieve and validate meaningful insights, anchored in a clear and deep understanding of business terms and ideas embedded in the story.

Wed, May 4, 2022
6:00PM to 7:45PM CST
Andrea Brockmeier
Watermark Learning
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Engaging in difficult conversations constructively is a skill that can make or break working relationships. Environments where people are able to have tough discussions in a safe, positive way are more collaborative, creative, and productive. In this presentation, explore the myths surrounding conflict and get a new perspective on how to approach those dicey discussions most of us would rather avoid. You will learn the various responses to conflict and get an opportunity to reflect on your own biases. A structured conversation approach will be illustrated that can be used to create better outcomes for everyone involved. Expect to leave with fresh perspectives about how to navigate difficult conversations often resulting from the inevitable differences we experience when working with others. 

Wed Apr 6, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
George Bridges
Business Data Analytics - 777
Business Data Analytics combines the discipline of Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Statistics and data science. Business Data Analytics is described as an art and science. The International Institute for Business Analyst (IIBA) defines business data analytics as "An area of study that targets effective business decision-making as opposed to using the rigorous technical know-hows through which data is analyzed. Several business analyses tools, techniques, and competencies are used in business data analytics to direct analytics initiatives at many touch-points within the life cycle of an analytics initiative." The purpose of this presentation is to present and explain business data analytics in simple and plain language. To expose the mystery and myths of business data analytics so that it can be applied in any area and any level of business.

Wed Mar 2, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Koryn Anderson, CBAP
IIBA Global Chapter Council - Communications
BA Job Crafting: The Time Is Now!
Job crafting is not a new concept. In fact, it has been a known term in organizational psychology since 2001, originally coined by Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane Dutton. Since then, there has been substantial research and evaluation of the concept in a multitude of contexts. So, why are we talking about it 20 years later? Given the current employment environment (where demand excessively exceeds supply), the world is in a unique scenario, especially business analysts. Whether you are newly exploring the practice or are a seasoned practitioner, you have a rare opportunity in front of you; and job crafting is a big part of it.

Wed Feb 2, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Susan Moore
Community Engagement Manager at the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).
5 Things You Did Not Know About Your IIBA Membership (And how to use them to improve your career planning!)
You became an IIBA member because you had a certification or career goal. Now that you have achieved that goal, what is next for your membership? Keeping your membership can feel unnecessary if you are not getting value out of it. But many times, our members do not realize they have access to additional benefits that can help them learn and develop both professionally and personally. Your IIBA Membership comes with tools, resources and opportunities beyond those you needed to achieve that initial goal. They may even help you set new goals you did not even know you had yet!

Wed Dec 1, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Dave Saboe
Enterprise Agile Coach, podcaster, and author.
Product Ownership: Beyond the Backlog
A great Product Owner can help organizations achieve amazing outcomes for their customers. As more organizations transform the way they work, many Business Analysts have the opportunity to provide critical support to Product Owners or move into Product Owner roles themselves. Successful Product Ownership is about more than just backlogs and user stories. It requires a deep understanding of how to find the right problem/solution fit and the right product/market fit.

Wed Nov 3, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Angela Wick
Founder and Principal Trainer:
Forget about Project and Requirements Metrics! Product Metrics Is Where It's At!
As a BA or PO, the most critical piece of the "How do I add value?" puzzle is rooted in understanding the metrics that track the customer's behavior with the product. Defining, understanding, and facilitating the team in making "metrics that matter" a reality is where the value truly gets delivered. Whether you work on project, product, features, enhancements, or bug fixes; getting the customer impact and behavior changes defined and implemented successfully is where great business analysis truly stands out! This applies to Agile, Digital Transformations, DevOps, and even traditional project environments.

Wed Oct 6, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Gezinus Hidding, Bob Zimmerman, Scott Stribrny, and Jim McGee.
SDLC and PMLC for Technology Projects
Organizations have choices in how they manage technology projects. A big decision is how they choose and apply the methodologies available to them. These methodologies, e.g., Waterfall and Agile, are based on a Project Management Life cycle (PMLC) and a System Development Life cycle (SDLC). Waterfall and Agile have important differences, e.g., frequency of releases. But, they also have an important similarity: They both traverse a revised System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which has resulted from our research. Also, Agile, particularly Scrum, is more about project management, traversing a (separate) Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC). How teams choose to use them will have an impact on project outcomes.

Wed Sep 15, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
IIBA Chicagoland Chapter Core Team Open House
The IIBA Chicagoland Chapter is gearing up for the 2021-22 Program year. We are recruiting teams to help with Programs, Membership, Education, Communications and others. Chapter Board Members and current Core Team members will share volunteer opportunities along with their personal stories of how working with the IIBA Chicagoland chapter has enhanced their career.

Wed Sep 1, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Content Strategy 101
You are inundated by content - in the applications you use and in the ads, articles, and memes that flood your feeds. How is all that content created, stored, and managed? Content Strategy 101 will use real-life examples and thought-provoking questions to address content analysis, structure, lifecycle, and optimization.

Wed Aug 4, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Humans are Hard, Code is Easy
Are you a frustrated Product Owner or developer who feels like you know enough, yet the success you thought you would have is out of reach. You see others who make better strides but why? Is it a skills gap? Successful careers have influence and relationships at their foundation. Without these, you will not reach your career goals. Come learn how to set yourself apart and learn the skills of influence and collaboration. This session talks to developers and other technical roles about the importance of soft skills. Through the lens of my career missteps, I learned how avoiding relationships and communication that can derail your career. In this session I will cover the importance of relationships, empathy and influence. Technical skills are important but they are not enough to set yourself apart.

Wed Jun 2, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Driving Innovation: Eight Steps to Success
Have you ever missed a customer need? One that is not fulfilled by any solution that is now available? The identification of customer needs well enough to drive value and innovation, requires a deep understanding of a customer's experience. Today it seems the only sustainable competitive advantage is for you to know your customers better than your competition. Successful organizations have an effective process in place to elicit and utilize Voice Of the Customer (VOC) to: - identify new opportunities - grow substantial and sustainable revenue - improve margins The VOC reveals insights into the customer value chain, and enables the keen observer to identify value gaps and solution opportunities. Increased revenue and margins are the result of new, unique, valuable solutions for your customers uncovered by strategy-aligned VOC. The key to creating an effective VOC program is to systematically ensure that value gaps are prioritized.

Wed May 19, 2021
12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
ChiBADD21.1 - Building BA Muscles
ChiBADD21.1 is a virtual conference aimed at Business Analysis skill development, creating "fit for purpose" Business Analysts.