Early Fall Chapter Meetings

Upcoming Events

Wed, Oct 4, 2023
6:00 to 7:30 PM CT
Deirdre Caren, Agora Insights Ltd
Business Analysis & Artificial Intelligence (sign-up)

Wed, Oct 18, 2023
Pinstripes, Oak Brook
Bowling and Snacks
In-person (sign-up)

Past Events

Wed, Sep 13, 2023
6:00 to 7:30 PM CT
As we celebrate International Chocolate Day, what chocolate recipes do you have? Chocolate fudge, Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate Bunnies or Chocolate Martini? Since it is also National Peanut Day, add some peanuts to your chocolate. This will give you positive thoughts for Positive Thinking Day! Wear your favorite chocolate outfit and bring a friend to our Peanut Chocolate Positive Thinking Celebration!
Bluegrass, Southeast Michigan, and Chicagoland IIBA Chapters are joining together to celebrate chocolate, and learn about some Agile Tips & Tricks from our resident experts. Bring your favorite chocolate recipes to share as well as we continue to "Build our Community."

Wed, Sep 6, 2023
6:00 to 7:30 PM CT
Jen Battan, Uncommon League
Story Mapping
If you agree that creating context is key to problem solving, requirements, and analysis work then story mapping is a tool you need in your toolbox. What other technique helps you take the tiny parts of a product and smoosh it all together to see the shiny new product, with features prioritized and even a hint to a timeline? It's one of The Uncommon League's favorite and most versatile techniques. In this session we’ll go beyond what is a story map to creating one, and learning how to leverage the knowledge the map gives us, no matter what role we’re in.