November 2023 Chapter Meeting

Join us for our November chapter meeting:
Brad Malone
Assumptions, Constraints, Risks and Issues: Are you powerfully addressing and managing each?
Joint meeting with AITP Chicago (Association of Information Technology Professionals
Wed, Nov 1, 2023
6:00 to 7:30 PM CT

This discussion will focus on the importance of distinguishing assumptions, constraints, risks and issues and provide state stakeholder management strategies associated with each condition.  Many organizations collapse or confuse the four terms, and thus have a difficult time effectively managing the required responses.  More mature organizations are beginning to see the value of effectively managing the definition and communication of project assumptions, constraints, risks and issues across similar projects, and are undertaking efforts to invest the time and personnel to identify common assumptions and proactively respond to those systemic risks critical to the success of the organization's projects.  Other organizations, however, continue to invest little effort within their project's initiation and planning phases in identifying and communication assumptions and constraints, leaving their project teams in a reactive, fire-fighting mode of managing projects when issues arise in the execution phase.  These organizations often have to accept deliverables which don't meet the performance objectives, in a project already late and over budget.
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